UK Towns List

UK Towns List — A database of UK Towns

An introduction

UK Towns List was first compiled by a team of website developers who needed a database of UK towns and their respective postcodes for a membership registration form. The objective was simple — the customer enters their postcode and the form autocompletes the name of their town or village. However it wasn't until further on into the project that we realised there was no existing database containing information on UK towns, cities and postcodes. Many hours of internet research and map reading passed and we had at last compiled UK Towns List. The database was initially a list of towns and postcodes but several revisions later, we have since added grid references, coordinates, counties and countries.

Why use UK Towns List?

The purpose of UK Towns List is to save time for website developers, software developers and mobile app developers. The database enables developers to focus their time on developing without having to worry about spending time researching or scraping the internet. With UK Towns List, you're also guaranteed accurate and immediate data. Of course, UK Towns List is not just for developers. Anybody can download and view the data for work or just for research purposes.

Who uses UK Towns List?

The UK Towns database can be used by anyone for work or private purposes and there are no restrictions on how you use the data. We have supplied towns and cities databases to developers, students, market researchers, insurance companies and traffic management companies.

If you have specific requirements and not sure how to use the databases, please do not hesitate to get in touch. As developers ourselves, we may be able to provide the answers you need for your next project.

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