UK Towns List

Who uses the UK Towns Database?

UK Towns List is a UK town and city database commonly used by website developers, software developers, market researchers and professionals within many other industries where UK town data is required. As website and software developers ourselves, we find ourselves regularly tasked with building membership, registration and payment forms where a user has to enter their address details. With the UK towns database, this task becomes easier for the user when they simply enter a postcode and then their town, county, country and location is autocompleted using SQL lookups.

Furthermore, the latitude, longitude and grid references for each postcode can be retrieved. This is useful for building applications where location proximity and distances are calculated. For example, dating websites and mapping applications. Please see Calculating the distance between two locations in SQL for a tutorial on how to calculate distances between two points using the British towns database.

As we provide the UK town data in multiple formats including SQL, Excel CSV and HTML - you do not need to be an SQL guru to use it. With spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc, you can easily sort, manipulate and query the UK town database.